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gearstudent 11th October 2019 09:35 PM

isoacoustics stands... could the speaker topple over?

I'm in the process of getting a Focal Solo 6 Be. There are Isoacoustics stands:

But it looks like the speaker could topple over your speaker you accidentally knock it. Not that you would, but you could. It is a heavy wide object on top of a lighter, narrower base. The physics are precarious.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Isoacoustics also make pucks, which are supposed to have better sound isolating properties. So maybe the pucks on top of a rigid box is better than the stands which could topple over.

thismercifulfate 11th October 2019 09:48 PM

If you set them up on the tall poles it definitely seems somewhat precarious to me, but I used the short ones when I had mine. With the short ones they’re no more susceptible to being knocked over than without.

Better yet though... look into Sorbothane hemispheres and save yourself $$$.