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Mattgrs 10th October 2019 01:43 AM

New Studio Console Amek, Trident
Hey Guys,

We are currently building a new studio and have come to a crossroads with the console decision. We are definitely looking to go with an analogue desk and have been looking at a second hand Amek Angela blue which has been fully recapped about 5 years ago and in generally good condition.

The other option we have also considered is one of the new Trident 68 24ch consoles, I have done quite a lot of research on the 78 and with a few feature cuts and quite a considerably bit more affordable the 68 looks pretty good for our needs too.

Obviously the trident is going to cost more as the Amek is 5k Aud secondhand and the trident is 25K or so, however it might be nice to start fresh with no gremlins in/or going to pop up anytime soon.

One of our big concerns is that our studio is completely off grid ( a large solar system with 4 cabinets of lithium banks )

We currently use a Presonus Studiolive 32 and with our outboard gear, guitar amps and whatnot cranking all day/night it hardly drops to 98 percent over night , so the system is ample however if these old Amek desks draw a hell of a lot, it may be a determining factor.

Any suggestions and info as to what these old consoles draw power wise?

Cheers guys