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Toobd 9th October 2019 02:20 AM

Echolette pinch roller
I got a Klemt Echolette a couple months ago and found some Dynacord pinch rollers being sold on Ebay and was wondering if this would work on an Echolette. The dimensions of the pinch roller on my Echolette are
20mm OD x 7mm ID x 12mm long

Does anyone know if the Dynacord pinch roller would work?

Toobd 9th October 2019 04:25 PM

I found this on a foreign Ebay website


As stated this is a rubber tape pinch roller for a Dynacord Vintage Echo Chamber Type S62 although I suspect it will fit other Dynacord Machines from the same era It is 22 mms diameter x 9.5 mms thick with a 5 mm bearing
Looks like they aren't equivalent.