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Helminthes 6th October 2019 10:17 PM

Mixing a non-VR video podcast in Ambisonics?
I'm working on a project that is made for headphones but needs to be delivered secondarily to 5.1 surround.

I figure my best bet is to mix on headphones natively in Pro Tools to Ambisonics (3rd order?) and then convert later to binaural stereo as well as 5.1 surround. Is there a simple way to do this conversion?

I will be creating all the soundscapes myself with mono and stereo files and panning everything around in the 360 space.

It's basically an immersive podcast but it does have a non-VR video that plays with it, so no there will be no headtracking.

I have access to Spatial Audio Workstation and Waves B360 but not sure which one I prefer. I like the Waves B360 spherical panner. Any caveats I should know about with either?

Has anyone done this workflow before? Am I approaching this correctly?

PatrickFaith 7th October 2019 06:15 AM

The main problem i have had on binaural to 2d video is if the video camera pans around a lot, or the video has a lot of cuts, then the sound is coming from the wrong "spot". Nice thing about the spatial audio /facebook plugin is that it has a camera tracker that will pan around the ambisonic field based on the video, rather then doing a lot of audio automation manually in protools to match the video's camera movement. Another thing is the vocal track in most cases shouldn't use the camera tracking, fx work well but its real hard to get multiple vocal voices to sit correctly in the ambisonic without being muffled (ie cheat on vocals and dont worry about it being physically correct as long as it "sounds" correct to your ear).

paulo m 10th October 2019 01:51 AM

Well, I have converted FOA recordings to multichannel by using the Rode Soundfield free plugin,

but that is not exactly the same you want to do. In your case you want to master your mix in ambisonics and convert from there.

In my (so far, short) experience, I would do a 5.1 plus a binaural mix, no conversions. Ambisonics translates well to binaural/headphones, after all that´s how people are going to listen to it.
When converted to 5.1, most the 3D immersion gets lost.

I like to use Dear VR Pro, as it has reverbs built in, but at the moment it only outputs to either binaural, ambisonics or 2 ch speakers. However, there´s a new version coming soon at the AES show, that it will allow 5.1 and beyond. Check it out, there´s a 30 day trial: