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SBarone 30th September 2019 08:49 AM

damaged large condenser diaphragm
Hi, i hope here's the right place to post this Q, i'm unable to find a similar thread.. please direct me to a relevant if you know of any.
Q: what should a perforated large condenser diaphragm sound like... i have a tiny pinhole on the edge of my rode nt2 diaphragm & am trying to notice abnormalities but i'm having trouble hearing any.. has anyone had the same unfortunate experience?

rumleymusic 1st October 2019 05:59 AM

It may sound like nothing. If the tension is damaged you may experience a lack of sensitivity, possibly an altered frequency response. The ac signal is generated as an aggregate effect of the diaphragm and backplate so a small defect may not be noticeable audibly. The chance of future complications is rather high, however, like a tiny crack in a windshield.