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bertthesoundguy 21st September 2019 03:21 PM

BSS Soundweb London System (College Recording Studios)

First post here after years of using this site for solutions to issues I've come across.

So, I'm the Tech at a college in London (UK), and we have recording studios.
I'm an ex student and they are still running a BSS Soundweb London system (BLU-120s and BLU- 160s) to be able to send signal between 3 live rooms, and 4 control rooms, estimating over 5 years that they've had the system running.

The issue is that the system trips out every now and then, so has to be re booted in order to work again. I hoped that would be the only issue with it, but unfortunately not.

Recently, I did a lot of maintenance in the studios, and removed the BSS screens from each control room, so they were switched off for over a week.
After the maintenance, went to reconnect them, thought they would return to normal, but nope. Tested signal flow connecting a mic, but no signal showing up on the inputs.

So, tried to get into the settings using the screens, and to get to the admin page, I need a passcode. I can't get access to the passcode, so I can't get to the settings.

After looking around on different forums, and also reading through the manual, one option is to connect a PC laptop directly into an ethernet port of the BSS rack tower. I'm not sure what I'd need to do from there?

If the only option is to reset them to factory settings, and then redesign the system, then I'll do it, but I just need to know how to.

I've also never worked with this kind of system before, so I'm learning as I go!

As always in education, no budget to send things for repair or a new system to be put in, so I'm hoping there is a no cost solution. :facepalm:

Hope someone on here can help!


Synth Guru 22nd September 2019 10:02 PM

Greetings bertthesoundguy,

Welcome to Gearslutz! howdy

Have fun and enjoy the site. jummpp