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jaddie 29th August 2019 11:01 PM

Sample/Patch/Sound/Preset organization
Within Logic you have upward of two dozen software instruments (more, if you add plug-ins), each with dozens, if not hundreds of presets, patches, sample instruments, etc. The process of searching for a specific instrument or sound is cumbersome at very least, daunting at worst. I'm left auditioning these things endlessly, but when I find useful presets, I'd love to save them somewhere in a group that I can go back to and find all the presets I've found useful. Perhaps sub-folders that are categorized with sound types (pads, leads, etc.) but without specific regard to the software instrument itself. In other words, organizing the end result only.

I tried to "save-as" a few patches, and did save something, but can't re-open anything. The only solution I have found, and it's really a bad one, is to audition and select sounds in a project, then leave them on a track, and save the project with a stack of tracks/sounds that have been selected. Not really useful, but at least it saves a little searching time. Also tried a text list....hate it.

I don't see a way to do that in Logic Pro X. How do you guys keep track of the good stuff amid the 70% useless?

This would also be good for processing and EQ plugin settings too. You don't need to organize the processors, you do need to save great presets.