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RayGrauberger 28th August 2019 10:53 AM

Basic Logic X Questions
Hello Gearslutz.... :facepalm:,

I´ve got some basic Logic X questions, hope you can help.

I can´t open several Plugin Windows with the current settings. Logic will always close the one I´ve opened, when I´m opening another. Could you tell me where I can change this?

Logic always wants to save Channel Strip Settings in the Music Apps Folder and also doesn´t provide the Saves if I save them somewhere else. Can I change this somehow or choose several folders? I´m mixing a set of 4 Songs right now and would like to save it there, probably won´t use it with another mix anyway.

When I´m using Flex Time it sometimes chooses the weirdest material to fill in the Gaps. Can I choose manually which material it shall use or just the different logarithms?

Is there a way to lock the final Track I chose from Takefolders without flatten & merge and treating it like a casual track? Would make it much easier f.e. if I want to change the drums here and there after the whole session is recorded probably even mixed.

And one last mixing question... I´ve got a loud kick on my room mics, which may end up being to loud. Do you have any suggestions how to make it quieter? I already tried to EQ & Multipress but everything I did so far took to much out of the whole Room Signal.

Hope somebody can help me with one or another. Thanks a lot!

RayGrauberger 30th August 2019 08:28 AM

Really noone? Could really use your help.

facej 31st August 2019 10:12 PM

Plugins - click on the little "chain link" icon in the top right window of a plugin. There are multiple "modes". You want normal, which allows multiple plugin windows at the same time.

Settings - if you aren't going to use the settings again - why save them? Logic won't remember the path for settings if you decide to do something different, so you have to go chase them down every time (that you don't use them again).

Loud kick? Turn down the fader. If that doesn't help, use "Region gain" - little box over in the inspector. Non-destructive. Enter something like -20 and see if you are happier. Turn down the gain on the way in.

RayGrauberger 2nd September 2019 11:02 AM

Thanks. All solved.