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analogdon 27th August 2019 01:41 AM

What to add to rack with Mother-32?
With a Tip Top Happy Ending kit (84hp) with the uZeus power (4hp) and a Moog Mother-32 (60hp), I have 20hp left to fill with other goodies. Any recommendations on what to put in there? The rest of the rack is filled with a Moog Voyager rack mount edition and a Slim Phatty. Attached to the Voyager RME is a VX-351 output expander and VX-352 input expander, so I have jack access to almost everything. Above that are a pair of Moog CP-251's with LFO, Noise, Lag processor, S/H, mult and CV mixer in each. I don't have any Eurorack stuff at all yet, other than the Mother-32. Let me know what your favorite toys are, as long as it's not over 20hp.

Derp 27th August 2019 02:41 PM

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If it were me, this is what I'd be looking at.

Wasp, Vowel oscillator, and Twin Waves. Tons of variety within those. And a small mixer on top to get it all into the Mother.

analogdon 28th August 2019 03:16 PM

Derp, I like it. The Wasp would be something different and unlike any of the other Moog filters in the rack. The Twin Waves is nice departure from the basic saw and square waves in my other stuff. Not sure what to expect from Vowels but, again, very different from anything I have. I could try to use a CV mixer in one of the CP-251's as an audio mixer, since it has a response up to 50KHz. That would mean more quarter inch to eighth inch cables. I only have 1U of space left in that rack and I don't really want anything on top. Maybe a 1U Eurorack 19 inch frame with something like the Synthrotek 1U stereo output mixer. Then I would also have room for some more 1U tiles.

Derp 28th August 2019 03:51 PM

That sounds like a good idea. I need to get into tiles myself one of these days.