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ArthurMa 25th August 2019 02:01 AM

Watery Warbly Hell and White Noise on voice recordings...

This audio clip demonstrates the issue, but long story short, I'm hearing unusual white noise from my interface and getting a weird distortion, like I'm talking through a fan or something. I'm going insane trying to figure out the problem! If anyone has encountered this issue before I'd love to hear about it! I mentioned this in another thread but that was more about acoustic treatment so I don't know if it belongs here instead.


CAD e100s
Audient id14
Dell XPS 9560 (ugh, suspect this may be the issue)

ArthurMa 25th August 2019 08:11 AM

here is another clip that demonstrates the problem more clearly. ess sounds seem to be the most common trigger, though I hear it in other places as well. The problem still occurs after swapping the xlr cable and recording in different rooms. I can't be the only person to suffer from this problem! I wish there was a webmd type database of audio symptoms with clips I could listen to and figure out what this is