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spambot_2 23rd August 2019 06:07 PM

22 ways to record a drum set with 1 mic
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Hi everyone!

I went and compared 22 ways of mic'ing a drum set using a single mic, and here's the result:

Most of the info are at the beginning of the video, so please check that out!
I'm also attaching the uncompressed grooves for your consideration, which I believe are the heart of this test.
Every snippet was normalized to -30dB RMS, and to -24dB RMS for the video.

I used a severely modified Apex 460, the main modification was substituting the double triode amp, with the second triode acting as a cathode follower, with an EF86 wired as a single triode amp, and adding a negative feedback circuit to reduce the output impedance.
Since now it looks a lot more similar to a U67 (even though it sounds a lot different) I called it "Apex 467" bumpkin

At the following link you'll find the Logic session files:!PYRXhQZK!lrwRxSYxXjEIasKN5xhFOQ
There are three project alternatives in the Logic file, the first one is the raw session, the second one has the normalized snippets, and the third one is the one I exported for the video, with the single hits separated from the grooves.
In there you'll also find a snare mic track and a kick mic track, and the now useless session notes (in italian, good luck making any sense of them abduction ).
The snare mic is an AKG D3700 cheap-ish hypercardioid dynamic vocal mic tilted towards the upper hoop of the snare, it acts more like a "shell" mic than a "head" mic.
The kick mic is a Line CM3 inside a hole in the bass drum reso head, inserted inside the head rather than "at the door" and pointed towards the outer diameter of the batter head.

The snare mic is unused in the video and the kick mic is only used a couple times in the third (groove with fx) section, always noted when it's on, but I wanted to have as many options as possible when comparing the main mic positions, to use as single mic or as single overhead, so hopefully you'll find those useful as well.

The drum set is an Indonesia made, first series Yamaha Stage Custom (poor man's Recording Custom) in 22/12/13/16 sizes from I think 1995-1996, the snare heads are the usual 10mil single ply coated head on top and 3mil hazy on the bottom, the toms are Evans G2 2*7mil double ply coated heads on top and 7mil single ply clears on the bottom, the floor tom is the same G2 on top and a 7mil single ply coated on the bottom, and the bass drum is an Evans EMAD2 2*7mil with a small externally mounted foam ring on the front and a Remo Powerstroke 3 10mil single ply head with a small internal dampening ring.
The muffling on the drums was minimal - a blanket in the bass drum resting against the batter head, some rings on top of the floor tom beater head (on my left), and some moongel on the snare batter head only when I thought that the mic position picked up too much overtones from it (mostly when the mic was more or less level with the snare).

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything, but let me know if I have and I'll be sure to add whatever I forgot freshflowe

Also let me know which position/polar pattern you liked best and why, what do you think would work in what particular situation, and so on and so forth!

spambot_2 23rd August 2019 06:15 PM

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mp3 files for quicker/more convenient listening and comparison using the gearslutz player