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ladyhardcastle 23rd August 2019 04:14 AM

Hello from a gear gal!
Greetings. It's nice to meet all my fellow musicians/gear addicts.
I am a totally blind musician with Asperger's syndrome
I have been writing music since I was 12 officially. I got my first piece of gear when I was 13, a Radio Shak keyboard. I have since advanced to a Roland juno D, a Roland Vt-4 vocal processor, a Yamaha GM5 mixer--I tend to get the letters mixed up, as well as a few pro mics.
I write ambient music, as well as slow ballads. I am also trying out a variety of other styles, but they're more just ideas.
Looking forward to meeting friends here who are like-minded!

EvilRoy 23rd August 2019 05:29 AM

Welcome. :)

Synth Guru 24th August 2019 12:57 AM

Greetings ladyhardcastle,

Welcome to Gearslutz! rockout

boombapdame 27th August 2019 08:35 PM

Welcome @ ladyhardcastle and what's your musical backstory?