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Alon Wolman 21st August 2019 05:09 PM

Newbie Composing for Film
Any tips on learning composition for film? I have been doing sound design for a few years but looking to branch into composing. I play a little piano and have some understanding of music theory, and I'm proficient in Pro Tools and Logic. Thanks!

Jeff Hayat 25th August 2019 01:18 AM

Some of his masterclasses would help.


drBill 3rd September 2019 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by Alon Wolman (Post 14161103)
Any tips on learning composition for film?

Learn to write AROUND dialog. Learn to use odd time signatures to make your hit points. Do both of these and make it natural sounding, and you are half way there.

Truthtrader 3rd September 2019 05:27 PM

The best thing you can do is to study orchestration, it will teach you everything you need to create emotive audio for picture, composing for picture is all about creating the correct mood for the visual.

Orchestration will teach you how to write suspense, joy, etc.

It all comes down to a deep understanding of music theory.

You are trying to relay something in a different “language” music” so you better be fluent in it