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brewbacker 19th August 2019 09:47 PM

Building out a mixing/practice room in an old Frankenstein building
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I'm considering using this space in my wood shop for a music room and I have some questions about it. It's an old warehouse that has been added onto and pieced together countless times over the years so there are some strange things existing. In the second photo you can see a sheet metal wall that is inside of the exterior brick wall. The fourth pic shows two cased openings in a brick wall that once led to the adjacent office space. My questions are generally regarding the existing walls. Would I want to insulate and sheet rock the sheet metal wall? Should I try to remove the sheet metal? Should I leave the existing walls as they are and just build out double walls inside of the space? In the third pic you can see a large gap in the corner where the exterior brick wall stops. Could this area be filled with insulation? I know that I want to avoid three-leaf situations and am trying to wrap my head around this. How would you build this to maximize isolation? Sorry for all of the questions.

brewbacker 26th August 2019 01:55 AM

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In the first picture you can see the brick wall with two cased openings more clearly. I plan to rebuild the wooden wall on the other side properly sealed and insulated etc. with two layers of sheet rock. I'm also thinking that I'll build a decoupled wall on the inside of the brick wall, but this leads me to my question. Would I be creating problems for myself with a brick wall in between two wooden walls? Three leaves right? I can't remove the brick wall. Should i lay brick back into the openings and rebuild the wall? I would love to get some advice from someone regarding this. Are there any designers or contractors that do skype consultations? My goal is to get as much isolation as possible for general music practice and recording, including drums.
edit: I also removed the sheetmetal wall that was left inside of the existing exterior brick wall. I've read that it's beneficial to seal porous materials such as brick. Would a skim coat of mortar do the trick? I feel like it will be a challenge to effectively seal the exterior leaf of this old building but I'm up for it.
the dimensions of the space are L-19.5' W- is flexible as the fourth wall is not built yet but approximately 15.5'-17' H- ceiling is slanted from 12.5' to 11'3" but this may also be flexible as I'm considering removing it. The sub floor above is 13.5' or so.

Thanks for reading!

brewbacker 27th August 2019 01:27 AM

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I learned how to lay brick today. Closed in the window opening and the room already feels quieter. Passing cars were about 7db lower on the spl meter too. Good start i think...

I really have to try to remember to take pics horizontally as they keep getting rotated sideways.

brewbacker 29th August 2019 11:11 PM

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Insulated the office wall and am now going up with concrete block to close the cased openings.