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Stereo Flux 15th August 2019 10:40 PM

BassTraps/Panels: sandwich of different density Rockwool
Hi, guys. Building a new room with acoustic treatment from groundup.
I have Rockwool: 35-45 kg/m3 (50mm thick), 60 kg/m3 (27mm thick) and extra one which is higher than 120 or 140 kg/m3.
Third one are another question and i don't know where to use them.
But first two ones 35-45 and 60 - how to make a very good panels for absorbing lows, lowmids and mids in my 9 square meter room? Is it a better choice of making 60kg/m3 (2 pieces of 27mm) between wall and 35-45 (1 piece of 50mm)?

Front wall, rear wall, left/right wall. Not considering diffusors on rear wall. Another question about rear wall - is it good to make 60kg/m3, then 35-45kg/m3, then 5-inch pyramid foam, as full absorbing and extra foam-pyramid diffusor?

Bass traps? in the corners of both density combo of rockwools or not?

I have 2 plates of 5-inch pyramid acoustic foam (both 2 sq.m.) - where to place them? As i said, place them onto rockwool combo sandwich or ceiling or where?

Carpet on the floor? Thick one?
What to do with door?

Ideas? Where to place them all? Where to place very dense rockwools which are over 100-120 kg/m3?
Where to (re)place foam pyramids? Ideas for 9sq m room and basstraping? Foam helps a lot with mids and highs absorbing, reduce some serious room verb and reflections etc But now they are extra.

Goals: control/monitoring room with not large but not small monitors (average ones, 60W, with range of 50-21000Hz)