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9fingers 14th August 2019 10:37 PM

Need help in Studio One 4 pro - track data vanishes
I have been using Studio One (4, professional) for a while now and have a recurring problem. I "save" often during the recording process and always at the end of a session. Way too often, when I return to the song, one or more tracks are there but with no data (music) in them. The track is there with the name but empty. It is a real pain to try to recreate or find the missing info, and recreate the tempo changes etc. I have searched Google, the Presonus questions section, and the Presonus forum and get zero responses to this problem, so I'll try here.
Anyone else have this happen or know a solution?

Quetz 15th August 2019 12:23 AM

It sounds weird.

Does it ask you to locate the missing audio files?
Or just opens normally with no dialogue boxes, just empty audio parts in the timeline?

Where do your audio recordings get written to?
Are you renaming folders?

9fingers 15th August 2019 04:17 AM

Sometimes it asks to locate the missing files but does not provide a clue where to look. Sometimes the track that I have spent hours on just comes up empty. The track and the name are there but it is empty. I have for totally for sure saved. When I reopen the program & song that data is gone from the track(s).

Quetz 15th August 2019 08:51 AM

You must be moving the files after recording, or renaming them/the folder they're in.
Those are the only conditions I've seen/heard under which files have loaded empty in a project.