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stevep 10th August 2019 12:42 PM

Acoustic Panels for Live Room at Inspiration Studio
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Inspiration Recording Studio has been open for over a year and the Live Room sounds Great as it is. But i wanted to add a bit of adsorption and wanted to get rid of some parallel walls so i built some panels.

These were simple to build and work great. The room still has a great Live Sound,. I love it for drums, vocals, acoustic instruments, everything i have recorded in here sounds great.

And a pic of the Control Room.. No panels in here,. The treatment is all built into the walls and cieling,. Mostly all Bass Hangers cooge

Starlight 19th August 2019 07:18 PM

Steve, as you have posted these here in the bass traps section and not onto your studio build thread, would you care to add what materials you used in order to help anyone reading this topic in the future who is looking for help with ideas for building their own traps?

Great job, by the way.

stevep 20th August 2019 02:00 AM

Basically these are simple adsorbers to tame high and mid frequencies where i have parallel walls in my live room.

My friend Joel built the frames,. 2ft x 4ft and 4"deep

Then i filled them with fluffy insulation.. i used polyfill because i had a bunch left over from another project.

Then covered with cloth, wood trim to cover the staples and hung them !

The hardest part was drilling the holes in the concrete walls. hittt

The room sounded great before i did this,. it did not hurt the sound at all,. it still has a long high freq decay.. and i Love a bright live room... I like it for drums, vocals acoustic instruments, etc..