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ihate100bees 1st August 2019 08:33 AM

Soyuz 013 Fet frequency specification charts
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I just purchased one of the Soyuz 013 Fet microphones. I realize these are handmade in Russia. I tested a demo unit over the weekend and was pleased with it's sound. When I made the purchase, I received one in a new unopened box. When I got it home, I glanced at the frequencies specification chart that was included specifically to that microphone and its serial number, and I saw a few bumps in the graph. It made me concerned that it wasn't relatively flat throughout the graph. Knowing that these are handmade microphones... I'm thinking that they differ from each other. Should I be that concerned with the graph of this particular mic, that I should ask to open up a few other boxes to check their graphs for a smoother curve? Or do you think I'm splitting hairs? Basically, does anyone have any experience on buying more than one of these mics that had different graphs, and knowing if they sound that different from each other? This is a single mic not a matched pair. Thanks!

DistortingJack 18th August 2019 08:15 PM

That looks pretty good for a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, hand-made or not. There are always variations between mics, which is why "matched" pairs are a thing – if they were all the same you wouldn't have to match them.

Only very high-end companies with a very automated manufacturing process such as Shure or Neumann will be able to make mics almost exactly the same as each other, and even then it's never exact. Some would say, they don't have to be.

If you want a ruler-flat frequency response, don't get an LDC, get a SDC like an Earthworks, DPA, or Schoeps mic. It's not a joke, you can get amazing recordings with them on almost any instrument – but they will be lacking the "flavour" that an LDC will have.