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Momkeproggs 29th July 2019 04:38 PM

Yamaha CS5 volume problem
Hi everyone new user long time reader.
I have a problem with my Yamaha CS5. All of a sudden it has gone quiet. If I crank up the amplifier on my mixing console way up I can hear it and it behaves as it should. Only the volume is like a tenth of the normal amplitude. Has anyone had similar problems?
Ive had it for maybe 10 years and apart from changing a key it has been a rock. And I love it dearly.

Upon opening it up there are no apparent problems (blown caps or swelling) nothing looks wrong.
I can see that some previous owner changed a few caps but since it has been working fine that would probably not be it.
I found a service manual online in japanese so following the instructions are extremely hard. Anyone have it in english?

Since it still makes sound albeit very shyly I wonder if something might have happened with the VCA. I can still turn the volume up and down on the initial level and every other pot makes the apropriate changes.
Thankful for help since the nearest repairman is 70km away.
/ monkeproggs

Momkeproggs 29th July 2019 06:04 PM

Never mind after cleaning it and bending a suspicious ceramic cap it healed itself. All is well again.
Curious as to what all the VR pots do. Anyone who can shed som light on this? :facepalm:

Synth Guru 29th July 2019 07:13 PM

Welcome to Gearslutz! rockout

Glad ya fixed the issue.freshflowe