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Polymorphia 26th July 2019 09:31 PM

Looking for a DAW that does well with rhythmic complexity
I'm looking for a DAW that allows for more rhythmic complexity than the standard ones. I've wanted to branch out rhythmically for a while, using a DAW to help me write and hear certain rhythms. ProTools is extremely limited in that, as far as tuplets go, it only allows for triplets. If you want to get into more extreme tuplets, nested tuplets, microrhythms, irrational time signatures, you have to ignore barlines and do the math, which isn't so bad, but it interrupts the flow of idea. If I have a section that's a 7 over 4 polyrhythm and decide later that I want another section that's 6 over 4 polyrhythm, I have to completely redo the 7 over 4 section such that the two are compatible on a straight 32nd or 64th note grid.

Ideally, I'd want something that had the same ability of a notation software to document rhythms precisely, but also allows me to record things that would be silly to notate, particularly so I don't have to use some ridiculous sounding vst in place of an actual guitar or some such.