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Edp8877 23rd July 2019 01:02 AM

Building a basement studio where to start?
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Ok, so I have a basement it’s area is 22-5 x 15-10 and 11’ ceiling. I plan on putting in hard wood floors through out the entire floor space with lamenent wood. My buddy did the flooring in the bedroom it’s on top of concrete. But the wood has padding underneath it. Then I plan on “treating the entire basement” and installing sound proof doors in the stairs. I want to make a “liveroom”/control room. I also plan to add a Drop ceiling with insulation and lighting through out the entire basement. I need all the recommendations I can get before I pursue this. I plan on recording mixing and mastering. Should I get rid of that desk? I also know I’ll need basstraps. Where should I start? I included pictures and area dimensions blue print and the two desks I plan on getting for my outboard hardware.

bambamboom 25th July 2019 04:42 PM

What sort of budget do you have for this? Are you thinking of entirely DIY or do you intend to hire labor?

If budget permits, there are a number of great designers available. If that's out of scope, some of the acoustics companies (for example GIK acoustics) offer complimentary consulting and will help you design appropriate treatment for your room as part of their sales process.

To clarify, I think what you said is you are going for an open one-room design, not a separate control room /tracking space. There are some good threads here about that topic.