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Edp8877 22nd July 2019 05:35 AM

Constructing my treated 10’x11’x8’ bedroom
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Ok, so I’m building a studio. It originally was for tracking bands though I realized it’s just to small for tracking and I think it would be more beneficial to use it as a mixing / mastering room. I have 1” thickness fiber glass panels constructed with 6-7 lbs density fiberglass core “Guilford FR 701 fabric through out my walls. I also have a drop ceiling with 2” Accoustical material professionally installed. I am assuming I need to get bass traps in the corners floor to ceiling. What kind of material should I use for bass traps? Aulorex? Or something else? My other question is should I use this as just a mixing and mastering studio or is tracking possible? It sounds pretty dead in there with the door shut! Plus I included a picture of the desk I’m getting.

bambamboom 25th July 2019 06:21 PM

I have seen smaller tracking spaces. Not ideal but not the end of the world by any means. Not too easy for a full band, but OK if you break things up.

They are not without issues, but generally in such situations I try to keep everything very dry, and then add space later in mixing with high quality verbs. Where available, Bricasti is killer for such applications. I have had good luck with some of the UA Abbey Road plugins in these situations, YMMV.

You would likely want to add some large gobos (preferably on wheels or easily mobile) for spot placement re isolation etc.

My 2c