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Swingfingers333 21st July 2019 06:29 PM

Q re adding rigid panel & FRK to GIK soffit traps
Hi all,

I have been reading and learning from this great forum for a while and now I am posting with a question that has become a bit urgent and hope to get some advice and learn some more!

My questions are if 1) adding a 2” rigid ECOSE Knauf panel (like OCF 703) to the front of a 11” deep GIK soffit trap and 2) adding an FRK sheet to that panel would help with bass absorption without ill effect. I can only add the one 2" panel.

I am on the verge of hanging some bass traps and am tweaking them in the next day or two for maximum effect. Some are used, some new, some DIY, etc. Two of the traps are used GIK soffit traps that measure 11” by 17” by 47” (a custom order by the original owner as GIK standard is 17" deep). I am tweaking these by adding some wood strips to the front, like a scatter plate, and I would like to increase their bass absorption…. by adding the panel…. and then maybe adding the FRK in front of the trap behind the scatter plate (an extension of the frame will hold these in place). The traps will be placed horizontally in the ceiling corners (it is the only place they will fit).

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Swingfingers333 23rd July 2019 05:57 PM

Anyone? Please let me know your thoughts on this plan!