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Z_Mike 14th July 2019 06:19 AM

Vocal Chain Assistance
I am looking for an audio engineer to assist me in a proper vocal chain to try and achieve a certain sound. I have a Shure SM7B being routed through a live VST host, so feel free to suggest I use any specific plugins and what settings should be applied. If you could run the vocal chain on the spoken audio sample below, that'd be much appreciated so I can listen to each vocal chain I receive. Here's the mediafire to download that:

Although that sample is a spoken sample, I will also be singing, as well as doing things like broadcasting.

The audio sound I would like to obtain is a sound similar to people like the first guy speaking in this interview ( ), Quinn XCII from his song Stacy, and other similar sounding audio. I DO NOT need any reverb, delay, or autotune as that sort of stuff will be added in post, not throughout the live VST host.

Thank you to anyone who sends me a vocal chain.

As far as VSTs I already own, I have the Fabfilter bundle, Waves CLA Effects/Vocals, and The Waves Vocal Bundle.