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Tommyfergie 2nd July 2019 12:27 AM

hi from ireland
hey guys.

Im 26 from Ireland and I was looking to find a forum with like minded musicians the scene in my hometown isnt too good pretty negative if im honest unless your friends are in the band your talking about band there usually branded s*it and musicians just arent helpful.

Been away from playing for 10 years but last year I was handed a guitar at a party and was asked to play and thought i was as good as ever ( I was very wrong) so got it in my head to set up a studio and challenge myself to write an album to see what comes out so at least i know how good i actually am compared to how good I think I am and its been fun and has given me a reason to pick up instruments again. I was a drummer and a guitarist and bassest and since January have been learning the piano and learning to sing out of everything the singing is the most nerve racking for some reason I hate my voice hopefully this is common hehe.

Just about have my studio done went the presonus and studio one route, songwriting heavily lately see what comes out and also browsing some threads on here and I imagine the collaborations thread is one ill definitely be looking into and also annoying the lovely folks on the newbie to daws thread. As far as music goes i love all kinds, see the beauty in each style my favorite band is the rolling stones but to give an example I went to bed the other night drumming slipknot songs woke up signing pop tunes so a pretty broad spectrum.


Synth Guru 2nd July 2019 04:00 AM

Greetings Tommyfergie,

Welcome to Gearslutz! :guitarjam: