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petesasqwax 1st July 2019 11:56 AM

Beatmaking with Koala & AUM
A few people have asked me about Koala and what kind of workflow it has so I finally got around to make a video of how I use. It's basic - I didn't want to go over 20mins - but gives a good introduction for anyone who might be interested in going down that route.

petesasqwax 3rd July 2019 11:19 AM

The second in the series is up now. Thanks for anyone who checked out the first - this one builds upon that one, looking at resampling within Koala and using the in-app effects to process sounds.

petesasqwax 4th July 2019 05:29 PM

Video number 3 is up now. Continuing on from the first two, it showcases the 8 new effects brought in by the update yesterday as well as some more techniques.

petesasqwax 10th July 2019 12:25 PM

For anyone following the YouTube videos, number 4 is now live (although you'll know that already if you have joined the Beat Cult ;)).

In previous videos I've taken the beat through sampling, creation & effects, and this one looks at performance/final stages, which more or less wraps things up for this particular beat.

The next videos will look at different approaches incorporating more external elements, plus a whole host of other things (both within Koala and outside it). I haven't decided if the next one will start to look at ambient productions - I'll look to record it on Friday, probably - but, even if it transpires that something else happens first, ambient Koala videos won't be far away.

Thank you for anyone watching - I hope these videos are of some benefit.

petesasqwax 14th July 2019 10:48 AM

I made a KOALA video that doesn't actually feature KOALA at all....

One of my subscribers asked where I get the sounds I use within KOALA so I made a video to demonstrate it. If you use any kind of sampling at all, hopefully it might be of interest.

Yes, for what it's worth, it does amuse me to keep on posting these videos in a thread that only I seem to look at...

sukisuki 18th October 2020 01:59 AM

love what u do bro <3