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FM Stew 20th June 2019 05:24 PM

iPhone, ipad mp3’s
I’ve just finished recording and mixing a five song demo for a new band I’m the guitar player in using Logic Pro x. Did a master using tools from Ozone4.. Doesn’t so too awful to my surprise. Anyhow, I’ve now emailed the mp3’s To the other members of the band. My question is: what do people do to get their songs on iPhones and iPads and make a song list. I keep sending myself emails and playing them off of Bluetooth, but that’s a little cumbersome and will not work with Sonos. Just wondering what real audio engineers do. LOL

dethbyoogabooga 20th June 2019 07:55 PM

import into Itunes and sync the music to the Device. If not, maybe a streaming service like soundcloud. worse case, i Facebook messenger MP3's to band members and they can play them directly on their phones

FM Stew 20th June 2019 10:23 PM

Thanks. I will try.

blueflake 20th June 2019 11:20 PM

I alternate between two different methods when it's for myself only. #2 would work well for sharing though.
  1. The VLC Media Player iOS app (free & open source), which supports wifi upload & download of media files directly to the app from a browser (provided you're on the same wifi).
  2. Dropbox/OneDrive. Put it in your Dropbox/OneDrive folder on your computer and listen/download it on your phone.

I use an iPhone, but I'm not a Mac user, and I'm constantly amazed how bad the "media file experience" is on the iPhone. Weird on a phone/OS that's so popular among musicians. confoosed