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thepilgrimsdream 20th June 2019 04:39 AM

SM7 and the Top 50 Charts
I just listened to the Top 50 charts. Very very different than 10 years ago when I was doing more work in music. Man, the 808's are taking over.

An observation other than vocals being extremely polished is that the high end is extremely sparkly in a way that I haven't really been able to pull out of my SM7b. I'm guessing lots of C-800's, C12's, 47's, 67's and 87s.

Just a little observation. Thoughts?

ty45 20th June 2019 07:08 AM

I noticed many mix engineers boosting the sh*t out of 10k + on vocals. For me I really don't like it. It's like an annoying buzz or something that won't go away.