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Romdave 19th June 2019 03:09 PM

What Kind of Link Do You Give Reviewers?
Hi all,

My album will release in 2 weeks. I've got it up (privately) on Bandcamp and was preparing to send out invite codes to a list of reviewers. Then I sent a test email to my friend. It was terrible! When she clicked the link I gave her, she had to type her email address into a box then wait for a reply. She then got the link to my album. But could she stream it? Nope. Have to download the Bandcamp app. Ok, could she download the album? Nope. Can't download albums on Bandcamp with iPhones! So she had to request a link via her desktop, then download it from there.

Seems to me reviewers who get dozens (or more) review requests a day aren't going to do this ****. SoundCloud looks far easier. Anyone have any opinions?


rockstrdchk 25th July 2019 07:33 PM

First, be sure your music is copy written and reported to Nielsen and PRO agencies. If that is all in order, using SoundCloud is definitely easier, you can also create an image / lyric video on YouTube and send people links to engage with your content that way. I believe SoundCloud has the option to make the playlist private, as does YouTube if you only want people you share the link with to access the content ... or leave it public and have an active copyright claim on the video, thereby with every view, there is a possibility of generating revenue. You can embed either of these options as a media player on most websites using the template's video gallery functions, this way you can send people directly to your website while giving them more opportunities to engage with you as an artist.

dcwave 25th July 2019 08:16 PM

Most reviewers I have worked with in the past prefer a soundcloud link where they can both stream and download. Set the songs to private. The alternative as rockstrdchk pointed out is to use youtube and set it to private. I have found this is more appropriate to video bloggers/reviewers.
@ rockstrdchk I am not sure what "copy written" means (past tense of writing copy?); I assume you meant that romdave should register his copyrights with a gov't agency.

rockstrdchk 25th July 2019 09:10 PM

Yes @ dcwave it was a typo. I did mean romdave should register all of his masters with the gov't copyright portal, his PRO and Neilsen. Thanks for catching that.