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thejook 7th June 2019 09:25 PM

Stam Audio SA-76ADG
Great compressor. My numerical reviews speak for themselves. Instead of describing the sound, however, I thought it would be fun to do a little shootout of a female vocal through the 3 different revisions of the 1176 that this unit emulates. The vocal was recorded with a Neumann CMV-563 via a Stam Audio 1073MPA and IJ Research UN76 with 2-4db of compression at 4:1 and quick release. There is a ground loop issue that you can hear at times. For the purposes of this shootout, try to ignore it :)

Then I thought, why not include a plugin (UAD 1176 Rev A) with as close to the same type of settings as I could get (used my ears, not the UI).

THEN I thought, why not also try that vocal through the Stam Audio SA-3A, SA-2A, and another 1176 clone I have by IJ Research that's an 1176 circuit (rev unknown) with neve 1272 output stage (UN76). I also tried a combo I love, which is the 1176 (Rev A in this case) going into the SA-2A on Limit with ~0.5-1dB of gain reduction.

And since my BAE 10DC was lonely, I tried that too.

With the different hardware compressors, I used my ears to get the 'best' out of each. That meant not matching settings, but really trying to see what each unit's sweet spot was with her vocal. With the SA76ADG I kept the settings identical except for output level on the Rev A as it's a little lower than the others.

Here's the SoundCloud:

Here are all the compressors and their settings:

EDIT: The 10DC settings are much different than pictured. Oh well.

And a Soundcloud with all the versions, including dry. Vocal is rough mixed with the song, louder than usual and with no other processing. I find soloed instruments aren't really interesting when evaluating compression.

prophei 29th July 2019 11:40 PM

I finally got delivery of my Stam SA-76 ADG's, and they sound glorious! Each model sounds fantastic, and the ability to switch between those models while listening to the program material is a fantastic and useful feature.

It takes a while to get orders from Stam, so that is something to know ahead of time, but I have never been let down by the resulting sound. The innovation of combining these 1176 models into a single compressor has proven to be really useful, and it really expands the power, usefulness, and vibe of each unit.


Nu-tra 10th September 2020 03:37 AM

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An 1176 with three different revisions in one unit? I'm in!!! I have had many clones over the years and I've even built a few popular kits. I sold all of my clones about a year ago and still have my prized original Rev D. The Stam ADG is different from all the clones I've owned. A. It has three revisions in one unit. B. It has high quality transformers and C. It has a proper input pot. Most clones come with a cheap input pot. The downfall with the cheap input pot is that the input impedance jumps around as you turn the input knob. The input impedance should be consistent or close to 600 ohms no matter where you set your input knob. The Stam stays solid like a true 1176 should. My unit also has the Carnhill output transformer mod on the G channel. This is a nice change compared to the rev A and D. The Carhill adds a nice smooth and slightly thicker character. The Stam rev D sounds almost identical to my vintage Rev D. One unit is almost 50 years old and one is new. They are totally interchangeable but with the bonus of Rev A and G. In the sea of clones it is nice to see something more than just a copy. It's nice to see a company like Stam build something more versatile and with upgraded components and add ons. rockout

Mixxmann 10th September 2020 06:06 AM

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Let me just start out by saying I've been a been a big fan of Stam Audio for a few years now. They are the ones who started me down the rabbit hole of affordable outboard gear. The first piece of gear I purchased was the original SA-4000 VCA stereo compressor and it did not disappoint. It has the same flavor as my friends SSL board compressor did back when I was his assistant, so I am very familiar with it. Since I have acquired more gear and the SA-4000 is still one of my favorite comps I own. Now we all know and love the 1176, and I have used the Urei Rev A quite a bit, but there are way too many bad clones out there that are not giving it's reputation justice. Shortcuts seem to be taken in all different ways which never amounts to a solid representation of the iconic piece. I have owned three different clones and I sold them all. Either the tone from a good transformer wasn't there or the unit didn't react the same, they just didn't stack up to original. Neither did the UA reissue. IMO. Now I could have saved some time and grief going with Stam's version in the first place since I'm a fan, but I am an impatient person and I needed my gear in a timely fashion to complete my work so I didn't go that way. I was definitely in the market for a 1176 type comp since it's my favorite to work with. It's big, I can see the meter well and feel the comp when working with it. So I finally went with the SA-76ADG! The wait was a bit long,(4 months),but I guess that's really not long at all for what you get back in quality and workmanship in this price range. As per first inspection, I noticed from the inputs, outputs, buttons, knobs, and VU meter, these were all quality parts. The knobs felt smooth with soft notches and the buttons stayed in with no problem when I chose multiple at the same time time like ABI. The whole unit felt solid and was built like a tank. The first thing I went for was the ABI trick. Being a drummer, this is how I test all 1176's. No clones to date have past this test. Till now. Put up one room mic, pressed all the buttons in, which I succeeded on the first try (buttons feel great) and PRESTO! that classic drum crush was there!! Don't get me wrong some of the others came close but the SA-76ADG gives you that extra snap or something that I wasn't able to achieve with the other units. The Rev A is spot on. The tone from the transformers are glorious! Tracked with it on Kick and bass with killer results. Also tried some pre recorded vocals and loved that too! Three revisions as well in one unit! Being that I don't require multiple units for tracking, I can achieve everything I need with one unit! Home Run! It utilizes the same transformer for the A and D revs while I have a Carnhill on the G rev. Pure bliss. Many options with this unit. You really can't go wrong with this unit. It sound incredible and will last you for many years to come. Stam Audio doesn't seem to cut corners. They build units with love and are made to last. So in conclusion, yes you may have to wait a bit longer than normal to receive your unit, but this is the reason Stam Audio can afford to make such high quality machines at a very affordable price. It's a Labor Of Love with Stam.