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Hip Hop Head 24th May 2019 11:49 AM

Mixbus sound and spec requirements?
I was wondering if Mixbus colors/alters the sound in any way if you just drop files into it and dont do anything else.

Does it affect the audio or do you need to engage filters, eq or other plugins first?

My second question:
What are the hardware requirements for this DAW (to run it smoothly)?

How much RAM and CPU power does one need?


facej 25th May 2019 05:03 AM

Harrison says...
The requirements seem amusingly small compared to anything else.

Yes - if you simply run audio through one of the mix busses there is a change. It isn't huge. There is some coloration.

When I compare an 8 bus mix from MixBus with an 8 bus mix with Logic I can't really hear much difference - but the audio files are different.

It's a pretty nice, affordable crayon in the box.

JSchlomo 3rd August 2019 12:41 PM

If you don't engage any EQ or filter, route your tracks straight to the main stereo bus and leave that one's drive at default, it nulls with a Cubase Mix.
As soon as you engage the EQs or filters (without touching a knob) it doesn't null. Running through the mixbuses alters the sound, too, because harmonics are generated. In practice, though, with default drive it seems the saturation only acts on peaks.