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jbird951 24th May 2019 06:35 AM

Aston Microphones SwiftShield Universal Shockmount mic weight limit?
So I've been Googling this for a decent bit tonight trying to figure out what's the microphone weight limit. All I can find is a list of microphones Aston say will fit. Which doesn't tell me much other than if I wanted to look up each mic I could at best figure out what the heaviest is. But, that'll just be from the mics they list. I did look up 10 of them and none were as heavy as my mic. I have an M-Audio Luna, which is pretty damn chunky @ 650g.

Also, I don't have the mic on me, it's in storage so I can't measure it. But the Aston supports up to 60mm mics, I know Google's telling me the Luna 75mm, but I remember it being a lot skinnier towards the bottom and getting fatter as it goes up. I know this is a super long shot, but if anyone has one of these and could tell me if there's any chance of it fitting in the shockmount. I'd like to order it before tomorrow afternoon so I can have it by Tuesday.

Folkie 19th June 2019 06:38 AM

Rycote Lyre are the best (up to 12dB better isolation than standard elastic shockmounts. Very tough. No elastics to break or come loose.
They have different models depending on
mic diameter (up to 68mm max) and weight (up to 750g).
Looks like you should try a Rycote InVision USM VB-L, 55-68mm mic diameter and ideal for 500g. or less but will hold up to 750g.
Note the 76mm diameter is for the mic grille diameter(not the shaft). You should doublecheck the shaft diameter of the mic.