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draudio2u 13th May 2019 05:38 PM

SSL Nucleus2 - jumping Banks in PT
Running ProTools HD on Mac OS 10.13.6 with a Dante network where my SSL Nucleus2 is connected. Works beautifully except when I go to scroll banks it jumps to the very last set of tracks in PT. When I hit the back button, it goes to top track. Everything is missing in the middle. For example: 1-16 is up, hit the Bank scroll button to the right expecting 17-32 channels to show, but instead it jumps to very end of track count.

If I scroll using Channel Scroll button, it works but obviously one channel at a time... Anyone see this before? Fix solution? When I do a MIDI event monitor, there are the numbers I see (all from Port 1):
Control 15 10
Control 47 66
Control 15 10
Control 47 2