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illsoulprod 7th May 2019 04:46 PM

Antelope Audio Goliath
So here I am reviewing a company I swore I would never even touch with a ten foot pole. Why?! Because I put my bias aside and decided to finally listen and see for myself. Ok Antelope, ahhh you got me lol so lets talk.

This thing is crazy and sounds excellent which I already knew because if Antelope is known for one thing it's their sound and they don't play with that. But the next thing you'll notice after grabbing one of these is the fact that through usb you get 32 ins and outs and with thunderbolt you get 64 ins and outs, that's insane for a two rack unit. And we're talking the whole kitchen sink, baby, bath water, oven etc! If you can hook it up the Goliath can take it. So for my new studio here in La Plata, MD I decided to go extremely hard and got this and not its bugger sibling the HD, and let me tell didn't first.

Why?! Well because my internet was slow and you need a preferred internet speed of faster than the 90's that's why! So after a call and fix from my service provider I was and have since been met with some of the best online/phone customer support I've ever had (slow internet also means you can'tdownload the launcher/control panel). I'm talking team viewer walk me through it oh that's how that works kind of help. I mean the antelope routing system is a behemoth to look at and wrap your head around but then you realize you no longer need a patch bay as it's all digitally in front of you. Sweet!

So what's hooked up? A summing box from vintage maker, a kush audio clariphonic, an audioscape bus comp (ssl style), a solid state logic fusion and a handsome audio zulu. And that's my me running it back into the Goliath has been an audio joy as everything just sounds epic and good. And speaking of inserts, the antelope hardware modelled plugins sound damn good and that's not just an exaggeration. I'm talking like really really good to the point where I stopped using a few nebula plugins on some busses good. Which as an added bonus runs off of the interface like a UAD system so we're saving cpu cycles (even though I have a beastly machine here). I knew they came to play when I heard the Ba-6a emulation and I had big studio flashbacks...

Anyway, as a new Antelope owner the experience has been great and rewarding. Unlike most I just was happy to have the interface but was pleasantly surprised when I dove into it and found a wealth of added extras. In short I'm writing this because I want to publicly recognize this company that is trying and sure they won't always get it right but I can tell when somebody makes the attempt and trust me there's plenty of Antelope hate to go around. But if you're looking for a great sounding interface with more then enough i/o for your studio then I highly suggest the Antelope Audio Goliath.