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Steve13 3rd May 2019 11:22 AM

Antelope Audio Orion 32+ Gen 3
This is a very nice 32+32 audio converter! The sound is great and the routing is complete!
Has everything one professional studio recording required in 1 unit rack.

Sound Quality (5/5)
Very,Very good!

Ease of use (4/5)

Need a bit of time to understanding the procedure, but not difficult.

Features (5/5)

Has all you need:USB, Thunderbolt and MADI support, 32 + 32 I/O on Db25 and included FPGA effects.

Bang for buck (5/5)

One of the best choice today!

vicenzajay 2nd December 2019 09:47 PM

I think I was the first adopter/owner of this interface in the United States - I've been working with it for over 10 months at this point, and I've been active on the threads that discuss it. That said, I don't know why I've put off posting up a 'formal' review in this section of GS. Anyway, here goes:

- Sound Quality. Easily a five star rating. I've owned/used Lynx, RME, Presonus, MOTU, Echo, UA, and other brands that don't spring to mind right now. This box's converters have nothing to apologize for in this area at all. Without a true A/B/X double blind test, everything I say here is subjective; however, I prefer the sound of the box to anything I've used to this point. The conversion and routing implementation is superb, and I really appreciate the attention to detail on the monitor outputs. They are the stars of the show for D/A conversion in the box - and this is what I want for the studio's monitoring suite. The FPGA effects are easy to use and sound just fine - again, they are in the same league as anything out there (UAD, Waves, etc.), and they work as "hardware inserts" as far as signal flow, etc. is concerned. I'm really impressed with this unit's conversion.

- Ease of Use. Four stars. The box is, let me be clear, really easy to use both connection-wise and control panel-wise. That said, I'm docking a star for the relatively cumbersome "Antelope Launcher" way of getting into the control panel. It's better now than it was as the beginning of the year - and updates are no longer *pushed* at the user without input. These are great changes. In addition, the control panel is now resizable - I'm glad I made that suggestion. This box has *everything* as far as connectivity is concerned, and it's relatively future proof given the thunderbolt implementation. I've had ZERO issues with the drivers...something that needs to be emphasized given some of the problems in the past. This box is rock solid, all the time.

Features - Five stars. Show me another box with this kind of connection suite, this level of conversion, and 32 channels of I/O over either USB or TB. Add in the FPGA effects (some free, most for purchase), and this box has a feature set that is unmatched on the market. After 10 months, I'm still singing its praises...this is not a flash-in-the-pan product. It's a solid, professional-grade solution for a commercial studio's conversion duties.

Bang for Buck - Five stars. See above. 32 channels of this kind of conversion and these kinds of connections (including MADI, ADAT, DB-25, etc.) for this price is a no-brainer (IMO). I think you're going to have a hard time finding anything competing with its feature set for anything financially in the same ballpark.

Overall, I think Antelope killed it with this interface. I'm certainly sensitive to past experiences chronicled here on GS by other users. I do not want to trivialize them or their ongoing concerns. That said, I fully recommend this unit to anyone willing to give Antelope a shot. I've had superb service response when asking questions - and someone has always returned my messages, etc. incredibly quickly. They've also made changes to drivers/control panel layout/etc. quite efficiently based on user feedback. I'm quite impressed, and I'm looking forward to using this interface as the 'brain' of my studio for a long time to come.