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Petesie2 27th April 2019 02:36 AM

Vocal De-essing
Hi Andrew, thanks for the discussion. I'm curious about your approach to de-essing vocals. Do you de-ess after compressing? Or do you even routinely de-ess? I've been going back and forth between using saturation and other colored plugs to keep the plosives down vs. slapping a de-esser on tracks as a quick fix.

Thanks again!

AScheps 30th April 2019 09:18 AM

I De-ess all the time. My basic rule of thumb is to de-ess at the very beginning of the chain where the dynamics in the vocal are the greatest. In theory this should give a de-esser the best chance of working since there will be a greater contrast between the sibilance and the rest of the vocal. In practice though I quite often end up with a second de-esser right at the end of the chain.

For plosives I use either audiosuite or clip fx to apply a high pass filter. Any other more static approach is too invasive sonically.