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aliberesco 29th March 2019 03:29 PM

Match track volumes for an album
Hi, i recorded 4 tracks for an album, but whnen i bounce and export to itunes, it's perceptible that two of them sound at a higher level than the others. How can i match the volume for all of them to avoid that the volume rises suddenly when it switches from one to another ? Thanks in advance.

jerry123 29th March 2019 07:04 PM

Take your stereo finals and put them into a session, all on 1 track, one after the other so it plays the album as you want it in order.

Then just use volume automation or clip gain to level each track out so it sounds right when you listen to the whole thing.

Once you're happy, bounce new finals with those volume settings and use those as your masters.

In the future, try using a metering standard in your sessions so you are always producing at the same digital levels. You still might need to make final adjustments afterwards but you'll probably be closer to start.