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Deleted 658776a 14th March 2019 02:09 PM

The only converters I've used to compare to this have been on the cheaper side, my last one being the RME Babyface Pro, I'm no expert on this stuff but I'd like to give my opinion due to lack of real person reviews on this product, plus most only talked about the DA aspect and not the AD, I had to just take a leap of faith because I liked my Babyface Pro and wanted the same kind of sound for my recordings I got from that but better.
I previously tried the Prism Lyra 2 after reading many comments on here about how good it was and it sounded more "musical" than the Lynx Hilo, which I was considering too, I ended up sending it back, the pre-amps were the the only good thing about it as they near matched my BAE 1073 but the conversion was horrible to my ears, clean but kinda ugly, harsh and thin, I preferred the BBF Pro over it.
I then decided on the ADI-2 Pro FS, I wanted to see what's the least I could spend but get the quality I wanted.
Anyway enough of the story, to my ears my vocal recordings sound clear and clean, and quite an improvement over the BBF Pro and the Lyra, listening to my BBF Pro recordings they sound like a sock was over the mic in comparison, gone is the digital harshness. There's likely better quality devices for AD conversion considering the price ranges but this suits me massively.

DA wise listening in my headphones I've never heard quality like it, very clear and detailed. I only use headphones but I would assume on speakers it's just as great.

Learning to use the device wasn't half as hard as I expected, I find Total Mix FX much harder, read the instructions manual it's straight to the point and you'll do everything you want to do on it, the second headphone amp is connected to the one for speakers so you have to choose to switch them over in the settings, then you can set individual volumes on each.
There's so much more you can do with it like EQ but I've not found the need to do that, I listen with SD Sharp, and record with SD Sharp, I accidently recorded with Slow setting one song and that blew me away so you can't go wrong either way.

I only put the bang for buck as a 4 because it's still a lot of money for me, though in the long run I saved a lot by not getting the Lyra or Hilo, so it probably should be 5