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asiano 3rd March 2019 09:40 PM

Kii Control Issue?
I just got a pair of Kii Three speakers. I hooked them up using the Kii Control. One Cat 5 from the Thru to the In of the other speaker. For the Thru Speaker - I connected the Kii Control with the other Cat 5 to the In. I then connected my Roon endpoint (Sonore microRendu) via USB to the Kii Control. I proceeded to setup the microRendu in Roon.

After I completed the connections, I attempted to setup the device with the Kii Control to no avail. The Esc, Enter and Preset buttons light up - but when I hit Enter nothing appears in the display for setup. I cannot select USB on the Kii Control either.

Since nothing was working, I thought maybe if I tried to play something via Roon - it would begin responding. The music played through the Kii's - but it was deafening. I hope noting happened to the speakers or my hearing. The Kii's did not respond to the volume control. I had to scramble to shutoff the song via Roon - but it took about 10-15 seconds.

Any ideas on what may be wrong?