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AnotherHuman 17th February 2019 06:58 AM

Anyone with an SP-404SX able to help?
I'm trying to emulate the Vinyl Sim of the SP-404SX in Max and need some audio to compare with. I sold my SP a while back and unfortunately lost the comparison files that I did myself.

If anyone could run this 2-minute wav. of chopped up songs I made through the SP-vinyl sim a few times it'd be much appreciated. I need it with:
  • Vinyl Sim on with all knobs off:
  • Only CTRL 3 middle:
  • Only CTRL 3 max:
  • Only CTRL 1 middle:
  • Only CTRL 1 max:

All sent back without any dither.

It'll be a free download like this Ableton audio rack version I put together, but I can credit your name/music anywhere I share it and inside the device itself if you want.