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laperlestudio 8th February 2019 10:02 PM

Ableton with Motu M64 Output problem
My setup is pretty simple, I have a live show rig with Ableton 10 on a New Mac Mini. It's running running a bunch of audio track, a few midi patch and midi beat clock. It's hook to a Motu m64. I use 32 outputs. I tried clocking it via MADI and with the wordclock input. Both of them tells me that it's lock. But from time to time the session ****s up and the clocking goes bad (everything sound like it's going thru a bit crusher). To me it sound when you have the wrong MADI format. The other problem is that something it even switch the output into to motu.

exemple output 1 become out 25.

Which also led me to think that for whatever reason it is feeling like it's MADI format. I am output MADI optical 64.

anyone have any clue?

It's quite a heavy session but not crazy. 160 audio tracks

hugofurther 28th August 2019 04:40 AM

I also have the same problem. I'm using it live, so it's not ideal. Anyone has any info on that?

laperlestudio 4th September 2019 09:07 PM

We shrunk the session to finish with 30 something out's and about 70 tracks.
Also we found out that the new macbook pro had problems with any USB2 interfaces, but with the new OS update, it is fixed.