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rtofvnt 10th January 2019 11:19 PM

Korg Electribe
I'm not professional musician and don't even have much time for music but still.
Got it for a year now. Next to my computer, mixer etc. on the desk. I'm really glad I didn't pay full price for new unit but got it from ebay for less than a £200.

Maybe I start with good things:
1. Ease of use. You switch this thing on and in less than 5 min you may get something that you staring to like.
2. Drum sounds - just to be clear - it wasn't design and develop to replace real drums - this is only for electronic kinds of music.
3. Portability and battery power. Even if you going for holidays to do nothing for a week somewhere far, you can take it with set of headphones and you can play anywhere ...
4. Good filters in synth - really - few types for each.

Bad things:
1. Polyphony - easy to run out of 24 voices. I would live with it, but max 4 voices per track it's just killing it,
2. Effects: reverb - bad. Worst part is - you can't have a reverb per part - only master. And this can be even worst - track can have reverb on or off.
Delays ... bit useless without better control and the fact there are no stereo delays. If that could have extra pair of outputs one could use external fx unit, but no - not this one.
3. Sequencer ... limited only to max 4 bars and 1/16 notes. XXI century!!!
4. Somehow line out signal quite low.
5. Very week MIDI implementation.
6. "Empty" patterns filled up with 4/4 kick with MFX turn on on every channel. Really, really, really stupid idea.

I definitely wouldn't recommend spend what Korg charging for this instrument when it's new in store. Second hand - for sake of fun with music - it's fine.