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luis. 17th October 2018 09:56 PM

Focal Shape 65 Dent in Tweeter
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Hey there,

I just realized that one of my Focal Shape‘s tweeters has a little dent (see picture). I really can‘t think of anything I did that might have caused that, I have the speakers on stands and rarely ever touch them, I also power them on and off via another, seperate switch.
Now I was wondering about the following three things:

- Is it in any way possible that this wasn‘t caused by an object or person from the outside, but by an internal malfunction?
- Are there any major risks, problems or disadvantages with using the speaker like that? I personally don‘t hear a difference to the other speaker, but things like that are often hard to judge - and of course it is not ideal for a tweeter to be in that shape (pun not intended, haha). Basically what I‘m asking is: How essential is it to get it fixed?
- If I should opt to get it repaired, about how much would that cost me?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Bill Way 19th October 2018 12:04 AM

No pic.