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petterisariola 7th October 2018 08:27 AM

FLEA Microphones 47 Next
I’ve been using this Flea ”47 Next” for a year now. It’s a very straightforward mic in style of Neumann U47.

The ”47 Next” is a stripped down version of Flea’s flagship mic ”47 Vintage”, which has both cardioid and omni polar patterns (like the U47). The ”47 Next” is a bit cheaper and it has only the cardioid pattern, but this cardioid sound is identical to the full version’s cardioid sound. I don’t know how Flea does this, but I can’t argue with the results - the sound is identical.

I’ve worked with the ”47 Vintage” many times at Mimix Studios, both the ”47 Vintage” and the ”47 Next” craftsmanship is top notch. You can see and feel the attention to detail with the mic itself, cables, shockmount and power supply. No corners are cut here, these are reliable workhorses.

I had a Brauner Valvet X for many years, it’s a fantastic mic but I started to feel that its midrange was slightly too punchy for my needs. Keeping this as my reference point I started checking out alternatives. I have a comparison session where I’ve sung on an original Neumann U47, Neumann U67, Neumann 87, Manley Reference, Knif 804 II, Brauner Valvet X & VMX and a few other high quality microphones, and my favorite (after the original U47) is the Flea. The ”47 Next” sound was the closest to the original U47.

I mostly track vocals, acoustic & electric guitars. I use Heritage Audio 73JR and Manley Force preamps, often with a touch of Speck EQ and LA2A. Everything I’ve thrown at the 47 Next has sounded sublime.

It’s an extremely simple to use microphone that offers an outstanding sound. One of the best purchases I’ve made and would buy again.

I liked the 47 Next so much that I just ordered a 47 Vintage to pair them up for stereo recordings. I don’t really need the omni pattern but I was so impressed with the 47 Next’s quality, I wanted to get the original version just for the heck of it.

T-Lloyd 4th December 2018 12:09 AM

I have heard great things about Flea microphones for many years but hadnt tried one in the studio up until recently. The recording studio I work at bought one of these as well as a Flea 12 and upon using it in the first few sessions I knew we had bought something truly awesome. The studio is one of the best recording studios in the country that I live and we have a lot of amazing gear; so when we got the mics I did a lot of shootouts with a lot of our other microphones in the locker and the Flea 47 stacked up with the best of them. It has such an awesome warm rich colour to it and I enjoyed using it so much that I ended up buying one for my home recording studio where I do a lot of vocal production and its quickly become my go to vocal mic. Great work Flea; loving it! Cheers, Toby from T-Lloyd Productions