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KizzyOnTheTrack 5th October 2018 04:58 AM

Looking for the next Frank Dukes/CuBeatz/Louis Bell
Hello all,

I hope you're all having a wonderful evening (or day depending on where you are).

So I recently was watching the BLAPCHAT episode with SEVN THOMAS on it and he said that he was always the one who did the drums and got samples and melodies from others. It made me realize that I'm also great with drums and less at melodies so I decided that we should start looking for the next generation of sample creators and I would love to work with you all.

I currently have opportunities lined up with Dreamville, Gunna, Atlantic, Derin Falana and a couple more.

So if you are great at melodies and creating samples with amazing vibes and even analog vibes please send them over to [email protected] and let's work!

Looking forward to hearing from you!