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kojak 12th September 2018 10:43 PM

Behringer X Touch One
Please note that I'm writing this review as a Pro Tools user, and the feature set varies slightly from one DAW to another, depending on the I/O protocol used.

First, I'm happy to say it worked as advertised right out of the make sure to take a look at the quick start guide on the Behringer website to ensure you're using the protocol your DAW wants to see. In my case for PT it's HUI Pro. Went into the Peripherals menu and it was listed there, simply clicked it for use in the input and output boxes and I was off to the races.

Operation is pretty self-explanatory...with the PT overlay on top of the unit, all the buttons operated as they should, so in the interests of keeping this review brief, I'll simply note a few small things. Buttons are easy to press, but with a nice resistance to them. All the relevant buttons light up at the appropriate times, and the fader indeed moves in response to automation. Lag was very minimal. The pan pot that some have complained about works great for me. Detents are at 2 percent intervals, and the lights light up on both sides of the pot when you're panned center, a nice touch.

Here are my only "beefs," which are pretty small:

- as many have mentioned with various DAWs, the track on the XTO does not follow the track you've clicked on the screen, but evidently this is being worked on, and not so much a Behringer problem as a protocol problem from what I understand. However the Select button does light up when you scroll past the selected track using the arrow keys, and if you use said arrow keys to go to a new track and then hit select, PT does indeed select that track. This may change with firmware/software updates.

- the meter next to the fader does not light up when Play is hit. Not that big a deal, as the only people I know who actually meter using their control surface are folks who have the words "SSL" or "Neve" written on them. For whatever it's worth, the time code at the top of the unit follows flawlessly.

- the jog wheel is rather slow and you have to hit the Scrub button for it work. Probably will just use the forward and back buttons in the transport section for scrubbing anyway, as I've found in the past I don't tend to use a jog wheel even when one is available. Usually just use the mouse at that point or tab to a marker or whatnot. Not a dealbreaker for me but I imagine some will want to use it.

- scribble strip works great although does not reflect the color of the strip in PT. It automatically makes a 4 character short form of your track names that usually make sense. Not really a beef at all but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Overall very impressive for the price point, and will come in very handy for tracking as well as automation recording. Doesn't take up tons of room on your desk but also is big enough that the buttons aren't squished together. Definitely a vast improvement on my old Faderport.