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foamboy 14th July 2018 06:37 AM

Holy Moly....10 YEARS!!!!
Wow! Yesterday I logged in to GS and I had a 5 year badge,,,,,tonight I logged in and had a 10 year badge! It might seem trivial to some, but to know that I have been a part of a great community like GS for 10 years makes me smile and be proud of myself for not getting banned and for not pi$$ing off so many people that I don't get any responses on my threads.:lol:

I appreciate all that I have learned from many of you fine folks over the last decade!kfhkh



Synth Guru 18th July 2018 01:24 AM


Now that you're not using your old 5 yr. badge, can you pass it down to me? ;)

foamboy 18th July 2018 06:32 AM

Ha Ha! Done! kfhkh


kuqizz 6th December 2018 06:56 AM

Congratulations on your fb