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musicdab 7th July 2018 02:48 AM

MIDAS 512 Parametric Equaliser
I was looking for a new EQ for my 500 series to put into my primary input channel. I record a lot of different things in my studio, ranging from VO, to radio spots, to background music, to full albums - so I needed something that would work for everything. Also, I was on a budget. The Sweet place had this beast for just under $300 whereas everyone else was selling it for just under $800. There were no reviews ANYWHERE, so it was a gamble. But I went for it.

I've had it a couple days and have been using it primarily for VO work, but I got a chance to test it out on a few different instrument sources as well (Acoustic, Electric, Kick, & Snare). I have this paired with the Neve 511 Pre, and it actually sounds really nice.

It does its job with allowing you to adjust a wide range of EQ options. The high and low have optional bell buttons, otherwise they're a shelf. And all 4 bands have Q control so you can do surgical EQ or broad EQ and anywhere in-between. It does impart that warm "live" sound you expect from Midas, especially since this is supposed to be the same EQ from the Heritage 3000 but done in a 500 series case. The build is solid and the knobs feel like they were made for a board. However, I personally prefer having separate knobs for Frequency and Gain. The 2 on one thing can cause some problems.

Being a studio guy that has done a lot of live work as well, I actually like the sound this gives. It's clean, professional, and very familiar. I actually think I like it better than the EQ on my old Allen & Heath board (analog), which I do use for recording too. While it does impart a touch of that live sound we know, I definitely think it works well in the studio. Is it worth what everyone is asking for it? That's up to you. It's well worth what I paid for it, but i'm not sure I'd go another $500. There are other brands that are known sources for great studio sound that are within that price range. (I gave it a 4 for "Bang for buck" because of the price I paid, just an fyi.)

MrMister 29th January 2019 10:49 AM

I am not much into cheap gear. But this 500 series PEQ from Midas is really phatt. easy to use.. clean sound and good transformers. you can tweak the EQ to a very narrow width to make surgerial adjustments. Got two of those in a Bento 2 rackmount and they do a pretty good job.
Comes in a nice wooden box! Not bad Midas.. not bad.