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mamm7215 29th June 2018 08:53 PM

Beatles track eq
Hi Geoff, awesome to have you here. I loved your book Here, There and Everywhere. My question is about track eq for the Beatles. On later recordings where you were using more and more tracks per song, was there a lot of (if any) specific track eq-ing going on? Ie: always hi-pass, bass from 60-300 only, RS 127 on vox always? That sort of thing.

Geoffemerick 2nd July 2018 06:55 PM

Hi Michael, no as time went by we were using up to four tracks and then eight tracks on some of " THE WHITE ALBUM" AND ALL OF "ABBEY ROAD" what we did to open up a few more tracks was to do a four to four track mix down to open up two more extra tracks when we worked on the four tracks. There was never any overall track eq as all of the final eq and reverbs if any were done at the time of recording. There were no hi pas filters and I did often use the RS127 for many vocal equalizations.

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mamm7215 2nd July 2018 08:10 PM

Awesome, thanks Geoff!