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Thomas W. Bethe 29th June 2018 03:32 PM

Just got through with some Acetate transfers from 1941
I just got through transferring and restoring 6 78 rpm acetate sides from 1941. The acetates were in good shape except for the 1st side which had been played a lot with a steel needle on a wind up Victrola by the client. The disks were of a radio show. Not sure if they did it on two lathes or one lathe. Lots of the radio program was missing. One side would end abruptly and the next side would start abruptly but I could tell there were parts missing. The overall noise level was pretty good with not too many scratches. The EQ would change from side to side which leads me to think that the were using two lathes. The restoration client was well pleased. I used a Shure Cartridge with a 3 mil elliptical stylus. I used RX6 to do the restoration and it worked well. The disks were cleaned with deionized water and a soft cotton cloth. They were played back at 45 rpm and then converted to 78.8 rpm with DC-10 from Diamond Cut. I like playing 78 rpm records at 45 rpm as I think I get a better playback over all. Just happy it came out as well as it did.